Rainy dayssssss…

Hello, lovelies!

So, we have another (the second in a row) rainy day here in Rochester, New York.  I really don’t mind rainy days though.  My Cochlear Implant does, as it can’t get wet… but that’s an easy enough fix!  I love rainy days because they’re the perfect days to relax, ponder, write, read, paint… I do these things every day, though… haha!

BUT, rainy days make it easier… listening to the rain hit the windows–or a tin roof, if you’re lucky–, smelling the leaves, watching the breeze, breathing deeply and resting in the wholesomeness of the day… it’s really quite lovely!  As I was thinking about these things, I started wondering about other people… what are other people’s favorite things about rainy days?  Now I’m starting to sound like Maria from Sound of Music (another great rainy day activity… MOVIES!)

SOOOOO, I want to know YOUR favorite rainy day activities!  Post them below.. post pictures… send me emails… whatever floats your boat (there’s almost enough water for boating by now 😉 )

As always, peace love and art! … can’t wait to read your responses (PLEASE DO RESPOND…haha!)




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