20 miles of thoughts

Hello lovelies!

I know, I know… I’ve been slacking BIG time lately.  Things have been so busy between school, studio time, and training for my 4th marathon–kind of fourth… I had the flu during my actual fourth one, so I don’t count that “attempt…”

So this morning was a 20-mile run, followed by a GORGEOUS drive out to Jasper, NY for a funeral of a dear family friend’s relative.  While I wish the reason behind the drive were happier, let me just tell you… the countryside of 390 S through New York, past Geneseo… SIMPLY STUNNING.  I can only imagine how it must vibrate with color in the Fall (you know, that season with cooler weather, pumpkins, leaves crunching… yeah, I’m SO ready for it, too.)  So, during all that, I was thinking of what to write about tonight, and I decided to make a list of 20 personal thoughts about art… one thought for each mile I ran.

You’d think I would have had more time to come up with a good topic while running 20 miles… but really, your brain just thinks about the next mile… haha

so… here goes!

  1.  Drawing is the root of ALL things art…  This was a good enough concept for Van Gogh, and it’s certainly key for me!

2.  I’m not even gonna alter this one… directly from Michelangelo, himself: “The true work of art is but a shadow of the Divine perfection.”

3.  And along those lines, as I was running this morning–and other mornings–I see the sunrise, and am constantly reminded, through the symphony of colors and still air, that God is the best artist there is; everyone else pales in comparison.

4.  When it comes to artists, though, I really like aspects of Salvador Dali, Degas, Courbet, Ian Strange, Greg Simkins… that’s only a few.  I love adding new artists to my inventory!

5.  One day, I really REALLY want to own a coffeeshop/art gallery combination.  Art, coffee, and sharing those gems with other people? … YES, PLEASE!

6.  So this isn’t art… but I really do love cooler weather… days when I can wear a sweater and NEED it, enjoy a HOT cup of coffee, and hear the leaves crunching under my feet.

7.  Honestly, if I hadn’t had a bad experience in high school theatre, I don’t know that I would have begun painting…

8.  I paint because I feel like it’s God’s work… I’m called to do my little part for His kingdom through my artwork, however directly that may be.

9.  I have a thesis exhibition in APRIL… TIME WILL FLY.  Fortunately, I don’t have to totally freak out yet…. YET.

10.  I believe that a lot of things can be art… I know that’s a controversial statement, and I could probably write an entire post dedicated to the topic… I probably WILL write an entire post dedicated to that topic…

11.  I simply adore chalk pastels and oil paints… definitely my favorite media.

12.  My mom is SO much more creative and artistic than she will EVER give herself credit.

13.  She also used to always ask my brother and I for paintings… now we’ve each given her some, so I hope she’s happy 😉 haha

14.  Monuments Men is a really good art-related movie, about WWII… Mortdecai is another good art-movie… definitely a silly one, though.  But Johnny Depp… need I say more?

15.  Studio life is utterly irreplaceable.

16.  Speaking of which, when I get a “real” house one day, my studio will be significantly larger than my living space.  Seriously.

17.  I’m always learning.  I really don’t think I will EVER become an expert at anything–artistically or otherwise–because there will always be room for improvement.

18.  I like to try new artistic methods and media… I want to be an ARTIST, not just a painter.  I am definitely primarily a painter, but I want to be proficient enough to express an idea in whatever medium best fits the idea.

19.  Green is my favorite color, but probably one of my LEAST favorites to use in a painting.. haha.

20.  Art-making should ultimately be fun..  There will be times when it’s hard, frustrating, or times I simply don’t feel like painting, but in the long run, I believe what my grandfather, Pop, always says…”Do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  I told my Drawing students that the other day, because it’s so applicable to EVERYTHING in life.  EVER.

Thanks for reading my 20 blurb-thoughts… I know they’re not all related, but who cares?  My life is a hodge podge, so of course my thoughts are, too…

peace, love and art!



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