No excuses!

Hello lovelies!

So, I know it’s been AGES since I posted anything… and I really have no excuse; I’ve just been busy!  Super busy.  Good busy, but still.. BUSY.

I’ve finalized a title for my thesis exhibition: Kataklysmos.  It’s Ancient Greek for “A washing” in the destructive sense, which seems quite fitting for a thesis exhibition all about Revelations!  When I first searched Revelations/destruction synonyms, gave me the English word, Cataclysm… For some reason, this is way harder for me to pronounce, and doesn’t seem to carry the same power as the Greek version.  Plus, I love the idea of using one of the ancient Biblical languages in my title.

That being said, there’s a LOT of pondering going on with planning my thesis exhibition… maybe even some new paths… but I have my first thesis Committee Meeting next week, so I won’t spill any beans until after that (once “the beans” have been approved! haha)

I’ve also begun my internship at the Memorial Art Gallery, been working on job applications for post-May… yikes! AND I went home (NC) last weekend to visit the cutest nephew EVER, and my family, AND to see my sister’s soccer game!  She plays for HPU, but is done in December, so I just HAD to see one more game!  I’ve seen her play since she started, about 16 years ago… so I didn’t have a choice…

All of us at HPU last weekend! Go Panthers!
All of us at HPU last weekend! Go Panthers!

Now, today is Columbus day.. we didn’t have any classes (YES!), so I was in the studio all day, and will be there most of tomorrow.. I have critique on Thursday.  I say all this jazz, basically, to supplement the fact (I’m MAKING it a fact, so it’ll happen) that I will write an exhaustive post about my thesis and ponderings, including images on THURSDAY! It’s long overdue, really…

Until Thursday!  —Danielle

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