Whoa! Been way too long!

Hello lovelies!

So, I realize it has been entirely too long since I’ve shared ANYTHING with anyone, and for that, I’m really sorry! It’s not that I’ve been neglecting work, social media, or anything like that; I’ve just been PLAIN OLE BUSY!  But  now that the semester is winding down, and I’m wrapping up the painting part of my Thesis Exhibition, I hope to have more time to journal/update regularly, because I do love sharing what’s on my mind and in my studio!

(and for those of you who don’t care to read it, OH WELL! haha 🙂 )

For this post, I was thinking I’d focus on a bit of my Four Living Creatures painting, because I was preparing a presentation for class, going through old pictures of where the piece STARTED, up to where it is now.  And let me just tell you… it has changed A LOT. I didn’t even realize how much it had changed until revisiting the piece.

First, I think I’ll just SHOW you… here are some pictures, posted in chronological order:

There!  Whoooo… that took a while to upload and arrange.. haha!  If that doesn’t make the changes and growth evident, I don’t know WHAT does.  So, as you can see, I’ve been busy!  It’s still not completely finished, and I could go ON and ON about how much I’ve learned and grown as an artist, but I don’t want to bore anyone.  Let’s just say that I’m MUCH happier with it NOW than I was at the beginning of the semester!  Now, I’m using mark and color to create form, emotion, movement, and depth… all the things I was TRYING to achieve before, but was too tight and restrictive to accomplish successfully.

Obviously, there are a million different ways to paint, and I don’t think any particular one is “right” or “wrong,” but for me, right now, this works.  I’m enjoying what I’m doing… looking forward to the next steps, and am curious to see what happens!  Also… here’s a wee preview of the next painting I’ll share in depth: IMG_4177

As always, peace, love and art!


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