Hello!  I know; you’re shocked… two posts in ONE week?!  Well, as I previously stated, one of my resolutions is to do better with using my time and social media.  That being said, this post is dedicated to images of my most recent Christmas Cards!

This year, I decided to paint each member of my family a card.  I painted a card for each couple, individual or family, depending on who lived with whom.  Since I haven’t had a lot of time to make art, due to working two jobs and whatnot, this was a GREAT outlet to be able to relax and just let my creative juices flow!  PLUS, I discovered that I really enjoy painting cards, and it’s DEFINITELY something I plan to continue.  In fact, check out my Etsy site, and let me know if you want any custom cards for anything–I’ll be happy to collaborate and help you create whatever you want!  All from my heARTmade shop!

So, I’ll post each card, and then describe why that card fits that family/person/couple!  Super fun and if you have any questions, comments, or ideas, I’m totally game!


This one was made for my cousin and her husband.  My cousin is an avid Disney fan, so I chose to “arrange” multi-colored glass ornaments into the classical Mouse Ears!  Stay tuned for a post dedicated to another Disney-themed Christmas project, as well!


This one was done for my brother, his wife, and their ADORABLE two year old son (yes I am shamelessly smitten with my nephew!).  I thought the little penguins would be fun for them, especially for my nephew, and there are three penguins ’cause there are three in their little family!  The penguins are skating since my brother’s family loves to do active things together, and we all know that ice skating is one of the best ways to spend a winter day with family!


This was definitely one of my favorites to work on–the color combinations were so much fun!  This is one I did for my aunt’s family (aunt, uncle, and three kids).  Each year, my aunt decorates with the most fun “chunky” Christmas lights and a Charlie Brown-inspired tree, so I couldn’t think of anything better than fun lights for their family!


This one was actually done for one of my closest friends from school.  We both love pickles and it’s kind of a running joke between us.  So, in the tradition of the Christmas Pickle, I simply couldn’t resist!  My family has ALWAYS done the pickle tradition, as long as I can remember.   My parents would hide the green pickle ornament in a “difficult-to-find” spot, and my brother, sister and I would scour the tree!  Usually, I ended up finding the ornament first, but my sister would “shove” me out of the way and claim the prize!  Whoever found the pickle first would open the first present.  She’s competitive; I’m not…


This adorable snowman (if I do say so myself) was created for my mom and dad.  My mom LOVES snowmen… like, really loves them.  She decorates multiple rooms in our house with snowman decor that usually lasts until… errrr… March?  Haha… Needless to say, a cuddly snowman reaching out for a hug was perfect, since my parents give the best hugs, and I adore them for SO many reasons!


This one, I painted for my aunt and uncle, both of whom share my love for a nice hot beverage!  In fact, my aunt is a frequent customer at Starbucks (I’m a barista, but not at the one she frequents!), and I have her drink memorized to a TEA… (heehee… see what I did there… she drinks Chai Tea Lattes!)   Anyhoo, cold days, hot drinks, warm hearts is what Christmas is all about!


This is the one I painted for my grandparents.  My grandmother always notices the pinecones loading the trees in her backyard, commenting on how beautiful they are, and my grandfather taught me the importance of working hard, including yard work.  Thus, a pinecone in all it’s complexity and simply painted seemed suitable for them!


I have a dear cousin whose goofiness can be very politically-inspired, including obnoxious RWB outfits and whatnot…. So I chose to paint him an Uncle Sam inspired snowman!


This is another of my favorites… largely for the same reason as the lights; all the colors mingling together were so fun to play around with.  Plus, I love the repetition of the circular/spherical shape of the ornaments.  I created this one for another dear cousin who is incredibly talented in design, calligraphy, and those types of things.  Therefore, I wanted to make a card that was more design-based than concept-based.  This was/is the result!


This was done for another aunt and uncle who are some of the classiest people I know.  I’ve always felt that their home and style were pretty traditional, and I have always loved visiting their house!  It’s so cozy and has remained mostly the same since my childhood, so I figured a simple, traditional ornament hanging on a bright ribbon would be perfect for them!  Really happy with how it turned out, too.


This is for another more traditional family member… ironically, the daughter of the previously listed aunt and uncle!  She lives with her hubby and their two adorable kids in a really sweet little house, so I wanted to depict that cozy welcome that a wreath brings to a front door!


This is a whole different kind of cozy!  This one went to a couple (my cousin and his wife) who live in Charleston SC, and have made a lovely life together running dive charters and working in the great deep blue!  Unlike Olaf, this snowman isn’t melting as he basks in the sun…no puddles here!  Plus, the sun is really an ornament… so I don’t know how much heat it really generates… 😉


This card was/is for a VERY musically talented cousin-family of mine!  My cousin, her hubs, and their adorable kiddos are all AWESOMELY musical, and the daughter would totally be the pink birdie, teaching her little brother the right notes to sing, as the bell rings below!


Last, but not least, this is the card I painted for my little sister and her new hub!  First married Christmas this year!!! Yay!  The two live in Nashville, hence the cowboy boots, and the hubby is a HARDCORE steelers fan… hence the spurs.  Plus my sister is as crazy for Christmas as I am, if not more, so a traditional Santa hat was a MUST!

Well, that’s all folks!  I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these cards as much as I enjoyed making them.  I don’t know about you, but I get SO excited about sending personalized things to loved ones that I can barely wait to give them whatever I’ve made or bought.  That being said, this was definitely something exciting for me this year, and I look forward to future Christmases (and other occasions) to paint cards!

If you have any traditions you love about the Holidays, I’d be thrilled to learn what they are!  And if you have any questions about ordering cards, shoot me an email or message me on here, and I’d be happy to see what we can concoct!


Love you all!



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