Once again, it’s been too long!

Anyone else noticing a theme here…?  It’s always too long between my posts on this lovely blog of mine!  I always plan to do a better job of it, but then LIFE gets in the way.  Life, in all it’s glorious, unpredictable, messy-sometimes-beautiful-sometimes-ugly, chaotic existence!  

IN CASE YOU DON’T know; I’ve been honored enough to have been chosen as an Ambassador for the 2019 Asheville Marathon and Half at the Biltmore Estate in March!  For those who’ve dealt with my sporadic messages and posts over the years, you’ll know that this is one of my absolute most favorite races to date!  From the gorgeous setting of the Biltmore to the fantastic expo that Daphne Kirkwood always puts on, I just love it!

Image result for biltmore estate
Like why WOULDN’T you run here?!! 

Now, in order to really share my experience as a past runner of this event, I’m going to start simple with WHY I run the races I do.

I have a bucket list… yes, I’m being THAT person.  Shamelessly.  

I want to run a race of SOME distance (5k – 50k) in EVERY single state in our lovely country.  So far, I’ve knocked NC out of the water, since it’s where I live… but I keep coming back to Biltmore.  It’s SO worth it… COMPLETELY and utterly so.  Yes, every race has amazing adrenaline, usually a decent expo and some nice SWAG (come on… we all know this is part of the experience!) But at this particular race, I always feel like I’m coming home.  For someone who is always looking to the next thing, this is a really special feeling, and one that I want EVERYONE to get a chance to share.

Okay… enough sappy for one post.  Here’s where I am so far in my 50 State Bucket list!  Where do you like to run?  Leave other awesome races in the comments so I can work on my other states!!

Massachusetts – Barre Spartan Sprint (it was closer to the distance of a Super, but so fun!)
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York – Syracuse Marathon, Oak Tree Half Marathon, Webster Turkey Trot (Thank you, grad school!)
North Carolina – ASHEVILLE MARATHON!, USNWC 50K, several others
North Dakota
Pennsylvania – Palmerton Ski Resort Spartan Sprint
Rhode Island
South Carolina – Charleston Marathon (twice… once was an attempt.. with the flu.  Not my most brilliant moment)
South Dakota
Tennessee – Nashville Rock and Roll Half Marathon (perks of having a sister at Belmont University!)
Texas – Want to do Silos District Marathon (and pretend I live with the Gaines family… DUH… who doesn’t love them?!… also, don’t answer that.)
Virginia – Promiseland 50k in April 2019 (with my brother!)
West Virginia
SERIOUSLY though… Send me race ideas for all those other states I’m missing!