New Year, New Resolutions


Okay, so we hear about New Years Resolutions EVERY year at the beginning of January.  I get it; we are probably all sick of hearing about it.  I doubt anyone wants to read about my three resolutions, but I’ll share anyway.  PLUS, I am long overdue in posting about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon I am doing as a St. Jude Hero in March!

First, the resolutions.  Last year, I honestly didn’t “set” any.  This year, they kind of came about on their own.  Perhaps it’s necessity?  Perhaps I’m just growing up?  Regardless, here they are:

  1. I plan to lead a “tidier” lifestyle.  Rather than allowing myself to be bogged down with work, time constraints and other things, I’m going to try to keep my room/living spaces and my car cleaner.  I know that I tend to breathe more easily in a clean, clutter-free, organized space.  One might assume that knowing this would simplify my problem, but it doesn’t.  I can never seem to find time to clean deeply, so things build up and then can get overwhelming.  Sound like life?  YUP.  In theory, I’m hoping that cleaning a little more each day, putting things away more immediately, and just working to improve overall cleanliness will carry into my time management of life, in general.  Having time is not the issue; choosing to USE the time I have is.
  2. My second resolution is pretty straightforward.  I am going to work on my Social Media presence when it comes to marketing my artwork and other projects.  I have an Etsy account, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, but I don’t use them well.  2017 is gonna be the year in which that changes.  If anyone has tips about that one, PLEASE let me know, because I’ve clearly not been too successful in the past.  Again, I do think that the use of my time influences this as well.  I need to use the time I have to create things, market them, and reach out through Social Media more regularly.
  3. Last, but definitely not least, I want to build my relationship with and faith in God.  While I know what I believe and where I stand, I want to become even more enthralled with my amazing Savior; I want to spend time poring over His Word, His Grace, and the abundance of His love for me.  I want my introspection and devotional studies to overflow the vessel of my body and heart so that others can get a glimpse of the amazing God I love and serve.  I want Him to be enough.  REALLY be enough.  Not just in theory or word, but in active practice and daily life.  I want to build up my fellowship circle, which is currently lacking, as I’ve recently moved.

Okay, so that’s the basic gist of my New Years Resolutions… and NO, I am not going to talk about Mariah Carey at all… let’s just say that 2016, as lovely as it was, is behind us, and I am looking forward to all that 2017 has in store!

Speaking of what 2017 has in store… I’ll be running my FIRST Rock ‘n’ Roll race on March 11, so I’ll begin my marathon training regimen soon, and would simply LOVE to hear from other runners what you typically do in the months prior to a marathon, or any race, really. I’m super excited about this race, especially because it’ll be the first time I’ve done a race as a St. Jude Hero.  This means that I’ll be raising funds for research at the St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and running in support of (and supported by) St. Jude.  Here’s a link for more information about this AWESOME charity/endeavor.

I’m particularly excited about running for St. Jude because 83 cents (on average) of every dollar raised goes directly toward research and treatment for the children supported by St. Jude.  This allows families to get the help and care that they need at NO cost to them.  To me, that is one of the most important things in the life of these families; they are able to be together in a safe environment where people care about them and helping them improve their situations.  See here!  So far, I’ve raised $530 at the Bronze Level for St. Jude.  Mathematically, this means that all the people who’ve supported me so far have sent about $440 dollars directly to St. Jude.  While I’ve actually reached my initial goal set in 2016, I want to see how far I and my lovely friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and other generous people can go.  If you, or someone you know, would like to donate, here is a link directly to my donation page!


Whoo– that’s enough for tonight, I believe.  Remember, Social Media improvement is part of my NYR… so do expect to be seeing more from me soon! 🙂  Perhaps my next post will involve some homemade Christmas items from my own heARTmade collection!

Happy New Year, and Happy New You!  May your 2017 be as awesome as I intend to make mine!  Love you all!



Running for a CAUSE!

First of all, HELLO again!  Goodness-it feels like it has been forever since I’ve written anything.  Probably because it HAS!


While it’s unfortunately true that I’ve not been painting or creating much lately, so I don’t have much to share, I have still been busy in other ways!  Since the last post I’ve written, I’ve moved to PA, started two jobs, potentially a third in January–CRAZY!  I’ve also worked on, and almost finished, watercolors for my Christmas cards (don’t worry–as soon as I get them all sent out, I’ll post pictures, but they have to remain a surprise until then!).  Lastly and perhaps most pertinently for the remainder of this post, I ran my FIRST 50K!!! Yes, 31+ miles… at once.

I’ll be honest; at first, I really did not think I would be able to do it, had never planned to try a 50K… I was satisfied with marathons.  BUT, my brother is the Visitor Services Manager at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, and they were hosting a trail 50K, called the WC-50 Ultra… 31+ miles on trails with my brother and a chance to see my adorable nephew and the rest of my family… I definitely couldn’t resist!

And now, I AM HOOKED! The atmosphere of an ultra is completely different than that of a marathon.  I had heard as such before, but didn’t know what to expect.  The “ultra world” seems so laid back, supportive and community-based.  Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE both–marathons and ultras, now.  Unfortunately, I tweaked my knee a bit around mile 22, and had to walk more than I wanted, but I finished, and I’m planning to do another one soon!  Needless to say, my brother didn’t have to work NEARLY as hard to convince me again; I have something to prove, now! haha

Which leads me to my next topic; I’ve signed up to run a Rock’n’roll marathon in DC as a ST. Jude Hero… I AM SO STOKED ABOUT THIS.  I’ll write another post completely dedicated to this venture, why I’ve decided to embark on it, and how it is going, etc.  But for now, I’ll keep it to a minimum, ’cause no one wants to read me ramble on and on and on… I’ve committed to raising $500 for St. Jude, and so far have raised $120.  If you are interested in donating (please don’t feel obligated–sharing word of mouth and awareness helps, too!) to the cause, I’ve attached the link below:

If you have any advice or want to share any FUNdraising ideas, please feel free to let me know!  And keep your eyes peeled for the next post; fully dedicated to St. Jude!

As always, peace, love and Jesus!